ToFine Flow Control in China,Mini motorized ball valve manufacturer in China, en-us Electric actuator valve ... water automatic shut off valve ... 3-way motorized ball valve CWX15Q 3 way or 3 port economic motorized ball valves Very low current,zero current drain in default state ,the valve can return default position when power off. 2-5 wires 1) Voltage: DC12V,2 wire operation 2)... Electric actuated ball valve ... water treatment motorized valve ... Mini Stainless steel 1/2" motorized ball valve ... Electric actuated ball valve ... Electric actuated ball valve ... CWX-15Q/N CR02 CR04 electric ball valve ... Heat meter ... Mechanical heat meter ... ultrasonic heat meter ... IC water control ... Touchless IC Anti-leaking ... Touchless IC big diameter ... Touchless IC cold-water ... Touchless IC pure water ... One meter with many cards ... photoelectricity water meter ... RF remote big diameter ... wireless remote control ... Dry type cold water meter ... Liquid Sealing Cold water ... Liquid Sealing Cold-water ... Liquid sealing Cold-water ... Wet type cold water meter ... wet type cold water meter ... CTB electric actuator ... Pneumatic actuator ... Pneumatic Stainless ball valve ... Pneumatic UPVC butterfly valve ... CWX-60P water automatic control valve ... 2 way motorized valve with manual override  2-way mini economic motorized ball valve with manual override Attahced is the Material data... Learn Electric valve from here-Motorized ball valve for water treatment What is motorized ball valve? A motorized ball valve is the ball valve that use an electric actuator to open or close its mechanism,this type of valve is ideally suited to remote automatic flow control applications,such as smart home... CTF electric actuator   CTF010 actuator can provide fail-safe function,only 2 wires to control it. ISO5211 mount pad, Match ball valve or butterfly... IC prepaid motorized ball valve     1. Prepaid to get the service. 2. Comprehensive administration of information, simple operation, network supporting. 3. Two working patterns: Energy saving pattern, Ordinary pattern. 4. The surplus time of... Programming time valve   Design 1.Small and compact 2.Modern 3.Digital read out 4.3/4", 1" 5/4"available, 5.Valve be weatherproof as it can be installed outside and inside 6.12 volt power, many cases may be installed hundred... Temperature controller ... Fluid turbine flow meter ... Mini 2 or 3 port motorized&electric ball valve for automatic water treatment ... Brewery automated valve Specifications: Size:1/2 inch (15mm),3/4",1" Voltage:low 5~24V AC/DC,high 85~265V AC Material:Brass,Stainless Open/close time:3-5 seconds. Working pressure:1.0Mpa,150psi,10bar Medium temperature:100C,212F... Motorized ball valve with auto return function(normally closed) China mini motorized ball valve auto closing,Electric actuated valve 2 way or 3 way 2 position stainless or Brass,1/2",3/4",1",1-1/4" motorized ball valve, Motorized ball valve actuator sketch please contact us for... water leak alarm&automatic shut off system   Accessories:  control unit,valve,sensor cable and AC adapter AC 100-240V(different power supply for North... 2 port Motor driven ball valves 2 port motor driven ball valve also named 2 way motorized ball valves or electric ball valves. Automatic control treatment,do not need to dirty your hands. Size:25mm,Material:Brass,Voltage:12V,Electric wiring:2 wires or 3 wires Other... Bleed-off valve of water cooling water system Motorized ball valve also named electric actuated ball valve, What is normally closed motorized ball valve? or what is valve fail-safe... Automatic shut off valve for water leak alarm detection Automatic shut off valve here means motorized ball valves or named electric actuated ball valve,   Size:1/2",3/4",1" Valve body: Brass or Stainless Voltage:5V,12V,24V Female thread connections. Very low... CWX15Q/N Mini economic motorized ball valve Mini motorized ball valve also named electric ball valve,TOFINE flow control valves,motor driven ball valve,motorized flow control valves,ball valve with electric actuator,water proof motorized ball... CWX-25S motorized ball valve with manual override     Mini motorized ball valve also named electric ball valve,motor driven ball valve,motorized flow control valves,ball valve with electric actuator,water proof motorized ball... 1/2" AC/DC 9-24V stainless motorized ball valve Mni motorized ball valve or named Electric ball valve Size:1/2" Material: Stainless Voltage:AC/DC 9-24V Wiring: 2 wires CR04 (Normally closed) Working pressure:1.0 Mpa Temperature:0~100 degree celcius Max power:... Water sensor cables Water leak dectection&alarm and valve automatic shut off system 6M length     Now the white cable color is also available now,so there is two options for your choice, One color is Black ,the... 1/2",3/4" stainless 3 wires automaticshut off valve Automatic shut off valve for water leak alarm system   Size:1/2",3/4",1"  DN15,DN20,DN25 Material:Brass or Stainless Voltage:5V,12V,24V,110V,220V`AC/DC9-24V Wiring:3 wires Working... Mini electric actuated ball valve with indicator window Electric actuated ball valve also named motorized ball valve,motor driven ball valve,water automatic ball valve,etc. Electric actuateds ball valve with indicator window, Indicator window can show the valve position,when the line is... Programmable Timer Valves Model: TOFINE-TCM30P ... IP65 on/off Electric ball valve Model:TOFINE-CWX15Q/25S ... Water Leak Alarm System Model: TOFINE-WLD806/807 ... IP67 on/off Electric ball valve Model: TOFINE-THA20T/100T ... Economical Mechanical Water Meters ... 4-20mA Modulating/Proportional valves ... Economical Pneumatic valves ... Economical heat waters ... Economical Gas and Power Meter ... Electric Actuators for various valves ... Wireless Remote Control Motorized Ball Valve ... Fluid Turbine Flow Meters /Water ... Intelligent Water Meters/Prepaid Water Meter ... How to wire a 3-wire motorized ball valve TOFINE-THA20T Motorized ball valves TOFINE-THA20T,,  Email: Whole metal gear ensures good quality and  long working life, TOFINE-THA20T valves do not require constant power,once valve open or... TOFINE-THA20T multiple wirings options Some wirings with *auto return feature (NO or NC),some wiring with no auto return feature,some wirings with *signal feedback,some wirings with no signal feedback, Some clients like auto return/spring return),some clients do not like... Big smooth orifice/Full port China TOFINE motorized valves For example,for 3/4 inch,the Orifice is also 3/4 inch,we also call it full port,you do not lose water flow or pressure,more info you could contact us via Email:... Reminder--Copy is not permitted We found someone in China are copying TOFINE website design,motorized ball valves pictures and related product information,Without TOFINE permission,this is illegal,please delete them ASAP, or else,we will resort to legal action if... Difference between Stainless and Nickel plated Brass Though Nickel plated Brass and Stainless steel looks similar,they are different in below items: Stainless steel and Nickel plated brass difference: 1) Stainless steel includes SS304 and SS316,Nickle plated brass is Brass with nickle... How to order big quantity after sample approved Firstly,we are glad to know your are satisfied with TOFINE motorized ball valves,we will continue to provide the correct valves with the good quality and most economical price, We thanks for your support,our sales has been increasing year... Customer Concerns and TOFINE Quality Control Process TOFINE Group Co.,Limited | Your Flow Control Specialist in China, Web:,  Email: TOFINE know what Customer concerns and would provide the most reliable quality and service for our clients... What the part number& Label will be for TOFINE valves Thank you for interest in our valves,Firstly,I will let you know China TOFINE advantage valves as below: More detaisl please visit our website:, Email:, So far the Timer... How normally motorized ball valve works? Normally closed motorized ball valves also named Spring return/Capacitor return/Auto-return motorized ball valves,more details please... Bigger size above 25mm motorized ball valves Do you provide bigger size Motorized ball valves?  Yes,the max size can be 2"(50mm), you could visit some pictures... How to select suitable Auto-return electric ball valves? To help you get the best result out of our TOFINE-THA20T motorized ball valves,please confirm 2 items before ordering:   1)Wiring Diagram: Auto-return valves available in 3 different wiring , 2-wire CR2 02,3-wire CR3 05 or 5-wire... Do you have minimum order quantity requirement? Mini Motorized ball valves in China,TOFINE motorized ball valves & Electric ball valves Motorized ball valves in 2 way  TOFINE-THA20T Motorized ball valves in 3 way TOFINE-THA100T Timer programmable Motorized ball valves... What is the flow rate for motorized ball valves TOFINE Motorized ball valves & Electric actuated ball valves, Web:,  Email: The valve flow rate depends on many factors,such as Flow Speed,Valve Diameter,etc,Different Working... How to order TOFINE Motorized ball valves? Firstly,Some suppliers copy our product&information and provide inferior quality products which results... TOFINE motorized ball valve Videos ... Flow direction for 3-way Motorized ball valve If Motorized 3-way ball valves in Brass or Nickle plated brass,the valve will be vertical type and T bore as below,Model:TOFINE-THA20T Vertical type 3-way Brass motorized ball valves,Manual override and visual indicator can be available when... Important Notice Important Notice 1) :We are only responsible for the valves from TOFINE,,, Model: TOFINE-THA20T/100T, TOFINE-CWX15Q, TOFINE-TCM30P, please kindly note that other models is not from TOFINE. A few... How to wire TOFINE-THA20T electric actuated ball valves? 2-way Motorized ball valve TOFINE-THA20T wirings, If you select DC5V version for TOFINE-THA20T motorized ball valves, 2-wire CR2 01  3-wire CR3 01,CR3 04 5-wire with signal feedback CR5 01 7-wire with signal feedback CR7 01,CR7... Motorized ball valve installatation suggestions How to install the mini motorized ball valve? Electric actuated ball valve installation suggestions. Plumbing Installation suggestions: 1) For Maxmam weater protection,the valve should be mounted in a horizontal pipe run with the... Are the motorized ball valves drinking water safe? Is motorized ball valve safe to use in drinking water? Are the motorized ball valves&Electric ball valves dirinking water safe? Can you provide food-grade motorized ball valves? The answer is Yes,please select our  Stainless... Spring Festival Promotion   Manufacturer and Exporter for Motorized Ball Valves in China Web: | Email: |... Main difference for TOFINE-CWX15Q and TOFINE-THA20T   For the mini motorized ball valves,there are two models:   TOFINE-CWX15Q and  TOFINE-THA20T        Comparing with TOFINE-CWX15Q,TOFINE-THA20T has below... Question and Answer for TOFINE Motorized ball valves. Click below blue link or see direclty answer text in black for more info. Need to know more please contact Amy via Email: or SKYPE: amyzhang3000 Important Notice:We are only responsible for the valves from TOFINE,... What is manual override for motorized ball valves? Web:,  Email:, TOFINE motorized ball valves,         What is Manual Override? What is the Visual Indicator for the motorized ball valves? *... Tofine Flow Control-Holiday Notice and Promotion plan Manufacturer and Exporter for Motorized Ball Valves in China Web:| Email:| Amy   Economic Mini Motorized Ball Valve in 2 or 3 way Timer... December Newsletter-TOFINE Flow Control 2-way Motorized Ball Valve TOFINE-CWX15Q 2-way Motorized Ball Valve TOFINE-THA20T 3-way T port Brass Vertical type Motorized Ball valve TOFINE-THA20T 3-way Stainless steel Horizontal type Motorized Ball valve TOFINE-THA20T Timer control... Full port 1" Stainless Motorized ball valves below $40 For 1" Full Port Motorized ball valve(Electric actuated ball valve) Connection size: 25mm Inner diameter:... How to choose the right electric ball valves   Please kindly choose motorized ball valve Size,Material and Voltage you want so that we can recommend you best suitable model, About model name,part number and label info,please... How about the TOFINE valve? TOFINE mini Motorized ball valve & Electric ball valve model: TOFINE-THA20T and TOFINE-CWX15Q, TOFINE-THA20T with IP67 Enclosure, TOFINE-CWX15Q with IP65 Enclosure, What is the difference between IP65 and IP67 of Motorized... !!! TOFINE-CWX15Q PROMOTION 20% OFF Model: Motorized ball valve TOFINE-CWX15Q   TOFINE FLOW CONTROL:,,... Main difference between TOFINE-CWX15Q and TOFINE-THA20T TOFINE-CWX15Q and TOFINE-THA20T are both belong to our economic motorized ball valves for automatic treatment system,below info will be helpful for your model selection. 1) Water proof Enclosure: TOFINE-CWX15Q : IP65 TOFINE-THA20T:... What is normally closed or normally open motorized ball valve Normally closed motorized ball valve also named NC motorized ball valve,Spring Return motorized ball valve,Electric actuated ball valve,fail safe valve,etc Normally open motorized ball valve also named NO motorized ball valve,Spring Return... Motorized ball valve leak problem How about the TOFINE motorized ball valve sealing performance? Mini motorized ball valve has very excllent floating sealing structure,no Leak,water proof IP65 and even IP67 Enclosure,we guarantee our valves without leak problems, But why... The different between BSP and NPT thread connection TOFINE |, TOFINE motorized ball valves available in BSP or NPT thread connection,if you are not sure what thread will be suitable for your market,just contact TOFINE... Solenoid valves replacements alternatives TOFINE motorized/Electric ball valve could be the best alternative to the solenoid valves,especaily when the solenoid valves can not work reliably, TOFINE-THA20T is more and more popular because of its good quality and economical price. For... Where can I buy a mini motorized ball valve in China? TOFINE FLOW CONTROL-Your specialist flow control in Tianjin China Website:    E-mail:  As we all know,motorized ball valve is more and more popular due... What is fail-safe or normally closed&open motorized ball valve? China Motorized ball valves also named TOFINE Electric actuated ball valves,  Fail-safe also named Capacitor-close,Fail-close, Capacitor-return,Normally closed(NC), Normally open(NO), Capacitor-return, Auto-return or... Different name for miniature motorized ball valves Besides mini motorized ball valve and electric ball valves name,you can find us through below keywords, Tofine valves,Tofine flow control,China motorized ball valve manufacturer ,electric ball valves factory in China,motorized ball valves for... What is ball valve   A ball valve is a quarter-turn valve in which a drilled ball rotates between seats, allowing straight-through flow in the open position and shutting off flow when the ball is rotated 90° and blocks the flow... Difference between Motorized and solenoid valve Solenoid valves and TOFINE motorized ball valves can be used in automatic water treament system. Web:,   Email: Comparing with solenoid valves,TOFINE motorized ball valves(ball valves with... Christmas promotion for motorized ball valves Christmas promotion now:Enjoy your discount now from 6th to 12th, We accept Paypal  for your small order,you need not pay the paypal fees. Any questions,please kindly contact us by the... What is full port or reduced port ball valve? TOFINE Motorized ball valves(Electric ball valves) available in full port / full flow or reduced port valves,, These are two different types of ball valves. But the major... What is T or L shaped 3 way valve? Web: , Email: Three-way ball valves have an L- or T-shaped hole through the middle. The different combinations of flow are shown in the figure. It is easy to see that a T valve can connect any... 2012 Olympic games close The 2012 Olympic games close,our collegaues went back from London,UK, They enjoy great impression with us,they said "It is a very great sport game,we China teams have win 38 Golden Medals",Our mini economic ball valve... 100% feedback from Ebay "Great to deal with , thanks very much, Highest praise , quality product !!AAA+++" "Again very happy with the service and the valve. Highest rating AAA+++" "Again very happy with the service and the valve. Highest... Home brewery DIY More and more clients buy our mini motorized ball valves for their electric brewing system,they always said: "Very affordable price" "Very good quality,has a very successful experience" "Valve works very... Find us on Facebook,Twitter,Youtube. Youturb: Videos are waiting for your review now. Facebook: Twitter: var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['_setAccount',... Want to find a cheap but good qualiy motorized ball valve? As we all know,motorized ball valve is more and more popular due to its wide applications,it can be the best suitable valve for water automatic control system,but most people wouldn't buy it because of high price,Now,we can provide a good... FLOWEXPO 2012 ... 最残忍的玩弄性奴小说

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